Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Handmade Meme

If you've been reading my blog recently you probably recall my pleas for your attention to the matter regarding handmade children's items. If not, surely you've seen the cute teddy bear badge in my sidebar asking for your help in Saving Handmade!
Over at MotherGooseMouse a meme has been created in order to draw more attention to this issue that will affect so many peoples livelihoods. I am participating and invite anyone who purchases or crafts handmade items (especially for kids) to do the same. Linkbacks are much appreciated!

This Christmas was very exciting for me. Not only did I feel like I finally got my children things they would play with longer than 5 minutes, it was our first Christmas with darling Sugarbaby. Let me tell you the god's honest truth. Buying for a girl beats buying for a boy any day!

I was so excited about the prospect I purchased all Sugarbaby's gifts except one on Etsy. All are handmade and exceptionally crafted. The first was the beautiful rag doll I had commissioned by a very talented mom who's shop includes other dolls and one of a kind scarves for kiddos.

This doll is not the exact one I purchased but its pretty close. You can find it and others like it at MlleAntoinette. But probably only for a limited time until this law goes into effect.

I also got her this splendid tutu for a very reasonable price I might add. I got to pick the colors, size, and extra add-ons at no charge. I went with melon and citrus, but you get as creative as you want. The craftista, Leslie, is super flexible, and loves customizing. Get your own at Trinity's Tutus.

Santa brought Sugarbaby these awesome hair clips that don't slip out of her fine hair. Since Santa and I happen to be good buddies, I know that he got these from an awesome little Etsy shop called Little Fortune Cookie. Interestingly enough, I happen to have bought all her other gorgeous hair clippies there. What a coincidence.

Finally, she got this sweet little bracelet, hand stamped with her name. Which is not Kendra Lynn, just so you know. The talented artisan at The Pretty Peacock made this and it is just adorable.

The fact that I got her all these amazing gifts that aren't MADE IN CHINA at prices that didn't bankrupt us is pretty cool. The fact that the profits went to families, women, crafters in America is pretty cool. The fact that I trust the manufacturers of these products without needing certification that they are safe is pretty cool. Please don't let these businesses die. Don't let us lose the ability to shop local crafts, Etsy stores, and everything in between. Do something. Anything. Start with posting this meme. Just list, with links, any handmade items you covet, love, or purchased this holiday season.


  1. What wonderful girly presents! Baby girls ARE really wonderful to shop for.

    I absolutely hope and pray that the legislation doesn't go through. When I think of how many parents depend on home businesses to be able to raise their kids themselves instead of leaving them with someone else, it breaks my heart to think they might lose it.

  2. ohhhh pretty stuff. i love the bracelet, hadlie has one with her initials but i may have to upgrade...

  3. Great. I ordered something from my hub to me for our anniversary! LOL

    Am adding her link.

  4. I see that a pretty awesome sense of humor runs in the family (your sister just ordered something from me!) Thanks so much for putting my infant cuff on your blog - very sweet of you!! :)

  5. Oh, I'm so jealous!!!

    I bought all handmade Eva's first xmas. We got a beautiful pearl bracelet that you add on to for every big event in her life. Eventually, it turns into a pearl necklace for graduation or the likes.

    This year? Lots of plastic. Some of it was a wee bit too noisy and gimmicky, but what do you tell the Grandparents? They think my affinity for wood, non-talking toys, is some weird fetish. So I just wipe off the China dust, let her have at it and hope I can descretely slip it into the yard sale pile.


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