Friday, November 14, 2008

This & That

Looking outside, it's overcast. Had this been two days ago it would have fit my mood to a T, but the crazed hell fog of PMS has lifted and everyone in the house has resumed normal behavior. No more walking on eggshells because Mom's head is about to explode. In all truthfulness I behaved much better this month than last. I tried, I swear, but these hormones are tricky things.

I'm pretty far into The Treehouse right now. Normally I read a book in a day, two days tops. And no, I'm not exaggerating in the least. I am a fast reader, have been since I learned to read. The Hubby will sit and watch me plow through a book for a few minutes, then comment that I couldn't have possibly absorbed anything I just read. I assure him I can, and I did, and he's just jealous. This book however is different. For one thing it's non-fiction. Another thing, I am very very interested in its message. I've actually been taking notes regarding ideas I'm learning from it. I'm afraid Supergrandma will not be getting this one back.

Currently, I am working on two articles a week for the small publication I mentioned. Last week I only got one in. What can I say, news is scarce around here. One interesting tidbit that I am dying to write about isn't even news yet, but I'll share it out of pure orneriness. The Hubby had security cameras installed in the second grocery store. Said cameras caught a girl in the act of huffing cans of Reddi-Whip and putting them back on the shelf. Thus solving the mystery of the half empty Reddi-Whip the Hubby had been dealing with. The thief, a local girl who has worked everywhere in the small town, who also had a romantic interest in the Hubby before I came along, doesn't even know she has been caught. Charges are pending, but as soon as they are filed I'll be sure and report the news to the entire county. Mean? No. You steal from a business, you deserve to be written up.

The weekend is beckoning. The kiddos and I plan on hauling firewood and taking a hike to the tiny waterfall Cashman and I found this week. The temperature is expected to drop (finally) tomorrow and I look forward to firing up the woodstove and hanging out with the children. Then spend next week preparing for a roadtrip to get GG. It will be the longest car ride that Sugarbaby and Cashman have ever been on. Hopefully I can get in some nightime or early morning driving to let everyone sleep as much as possible. Wish me luck.


  1. damn he really passed up a real classy lady when he picked you over whip huffing bitch

  2. LOL @ suzanna. Go Miss Ash! You are above a cool whip huffer. LOLOLOL

    Ok, I'll go back to my corner.

  3. Funny girls! Ya'll make me smile.


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