Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Musings of a 6 Month Old

This morning at breakfast...

Mom: Good morning sweet Sugarbaby, you ready for something to eat?

Sugarbaby: Aaaahaaah phewwww bhooooo

Mom: Okay girlie, hold on let me get this cereal mixed up.

Sugarbaby: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh wooooo ssssfffffff bhoooo

Mom: Mmmmm, open wide, its good stuff!

Sugarbaby: Excuse me, what exactly is this mush you're feeding me?

Mom: Mixed grain cereal, just like yesterday morning.

Sugarbaby: What do I look like, Little Orphan Annie, Tiny Tim? Don't you think I would like something a bit tastier than gruel for breakfast, Mother.

Mom: C'mon its good for you, now open wide.

Sugarbaby: I'm contemplating spitting that bland paste you call cereal right back at you the second it touches my tounge.

Mom: Now that's not nice, be a good girl and eat.

Sugarbaby: Seriously woman, how about some bacon or pancakes, or even a nice fat juicy filet. Yes, I think I would like steak for breakfast instead of this cheap imitation you call food.

Mom: You don't even have teeth yet, how would you chew a steak?

Sugarbaby: Oh yeah, I forgot.


  1. ROFL You're such a goofball. I miss the baby years....

  2. haha you think she talks back now...being the baby and the only girl you are in for it

  3. Suz- Yep, no doubt about it!

    Sis- Goofball indeed, look who's talking. You give Corgi's speaking parts.


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