Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If Wishes Were Fishes, Or In This Case Owls

Remodeling is in our very near future. We bought a two bedroom house. We have three kids. Doesn't quite add up, huh? Said house came with a two car attached garage and one gigantic two RV sized detached garage. So the attached garage is going to be flipped and become a pimped out pad for the boys to share. The smaller second bedroom will be Sugarbaby's. Both rooms should hopefully be completed by Sugarbaby's first birthday in May.

Yes, I know I am kind of ahead of myself, but Supergrandma and her super expensive Pottery Barn Kids magazines she slips me for "ideas" get me all excited. I think she realizes what torture it is for me knowing I could never in a million years afford anything more than a pillowcase from these catalogs. Anywho, I found this bedding collection and it is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Take a look.


  1. Oh my, my! I love it!

    Have you been to the PB outlet in Memphis? It may be in there next season! You may see something similar in the upcoming year at Target. They tend to mimic a season behind... I'm SO kicking myself for my $100 wall ledge that's $20 there now.

  2. I think our house has been a bit crowded since.... around 1988.

    I would have loved to have a large room with a brother. But, alas my four sisters... sigh.

    How fun it will be to watch the transformation of the attached garage. Imagine the excitement in your boys. Their imagination running wild.

    Good for you guys!

  3. OH MY GOD that totally screams you I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

  4. My Eldest has the MLB baseball sheets from PB Teen and I have a duvet cover from PB - all from eBay, baby!


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