Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who Are You & Why Won't You Talk to Me?

Who in Nebraska is reading this? Fess up dude. I know you're there. That's why I have Feejit.

Also, you people in the UK that Google some weird ass phrases and land here, leave a sistah a comment, k? Just not a mean one. I don't like mean people. I used to be one of them. I'm reformed and let me just tell you karma likes niceness.

So everyone contribute to your karma a bit today and leave Sugar Britches here a comment.


  1. ROFLMAO You nutter! It's stalkers, chick. You should see the odd far-flung places people are from who visit my blog. Repeatedly. I'm wondering if they get some kind of glee over reading my drama, and knowing their life is much better! ha

  2. Gosh you look so young in this picture. :)

  3. ok i tried 3 times to leave you a comment yesterday...twice hadlie clicked something and i lost the page and once she helped me type and screwed it all up...anyway i am here and will comment more. glad you and your crazy self are back

  4. kwonshe2-probably. people love to feed off of other people's pain. it makes them feel better, like you said.

    mssc54- i know. isn't my skin just so radiant and baby smooth?

    suzanna-girl I miss you!!!!

  5. Umm... I guess I'm the one in Nebraska... but I'm a dudette (not a dude). I'm not lurking, I just don't have anything interesting to put in a comment... thought I'd leave the comment section for truly witty people!

  6. Elizabeth,
    Cool, thanks for raising your hand. To me everyone is dude. The Grunge generation never quite faded to me. No need to be witty though to comment. I appreciate any response I get. Thanks for reading!!!


Now play nice and for every comment you leave, I'll buy you a pony.