Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday's Gone...No Wait, It's Still Here

Okay, I'm back. I was just taking a few days to set up NLNS before resuming regular posting over here. But try and check in every few days over there because its worth it just to see if you learn anything new that could benefit you in ways you weren't even aware. I'm about to do a post on BPA, which is kind of old news, but there are still people who aren't even aware of it.

So what, it's Tuesday? I didn't accomplish a whole lot this weekend besides the daily grind of dishes, laundry, feed the mob, clean the mob, etc., etc. The Hubby did take care of some important chainsaw chores. I don't think he really thinks of it as work when he gets to use the chainsaw. I wouldn't either, but I'm scared to death of power tools that could sever a limb in one fell swoop.

I promise I'll come up with a more interesting post later. This one is going nowhere fast. It's a one way train, it's up @#%& creek without a paddle, (insert many more euphemisms here).

FD Update:
2 cups coffee
I'm not even going into yesterday or the day before. We'll just say chili cheese tater tots are not part of a well balanced diet.


  1. chase thinks it is hilarious to buzz the drill at me freaks me the eff out

  2. Well, if you're bored....you could come help us pack. :D


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