Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Kinda Depressed


I am back...and on dial-up no less. Yes, please take a moment to feel sorry for me and my broke ass having to mooch off of my father-in-law's dial up connection. But nevertheless I am here, finally!

Okay brief rundown on the last 3 months.

Sugarbaby is nearly 5 months old. Rolling all around. Eating cereal. Squealing at the top of her lungs, but no longer crying nonstop. Hallelujah the colic has departed.

Cashman will be 3 in two weeks. He is completely and totally potty trained (finally) and for his efforts and his birthday he has a Monster Jeep hidden in the garage. He's gonna freak out and I can't wait to see his face.

The Monster turned 5. Woohoo! He also started Kindergarten and is doing very well although I expected nothing less. He's too smart for his own good and for my sanity.

Our new house is great. A bit removed from civilization but great. I'll only be remodeling it for the next 5 years or so. First things first, new oven ($1300 dollars, its a drop in) and new dishwasher. I guess new floors have to wait.

On an extremely sad note, our dog died last Friday (hit by a car). He was only two years old but he was the greatest dog I've ever had. So obedient and protective of our family. He loved the kiddos and was my husband's best friend. The Hubby buried him at the edge of our property and put a cross up. I can see it from my kitchen window and I start crying everytime I wash dishes.

I am trying to post a pic but it won't work on this damn hillbilly connection. Anyways...we'll miss you Truk. You were an awesome dog and irreplaceable.


  1. Hey Ashley-

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dog! We lost several living so close to the highway. Hope ya'll are enjoying the new home; we are still remodeling too. We finally got door knobs last week after 5 months! I'm sending email invites for E's bday party for family next month...whenever I get un-lazy. I want to see that gorgeous baby! -Tori

  2. It has been way too long since I have even talked to you...I am reading up on ALL your posts so that I may "catch-up" with you. So sorry about Truk! I miss seeing him, and you guys, around here!! Not the same without you!!!


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