Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Heat Is Almost Gone

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I dislike summer. Weird yes, I know, but I don't deal with heat well. I'm such a wuss. Once I feel that first tiny chill of fall I get goosebumps. Not from the cold, just the thrill of it finally being my time.

I love everything fall represents. A change, and a chance for everyone, mother nature included to take a rest. Back to school was always so exciting for me, and for the last 7 years I've missed out on it, but now I've got a Kindergartner so I can relish in the anticipation once again.

I love pumpkins. I love winter soups and comfort foods. I love when the leaves change colors and it is especially beautiful where we live. Although I can't help but think maybe I should have been born an Easterner and lived in Vermont or Maryland. Somewhere that fall is exceptionally beautiful.

Every year I eagerly await the Holiday season beginning with Halloween. My birthday falls in November so I have to look forward too followed by Thanksgiving and culminating in Christmas. But interestingly enough I don't like New Years. I don't want to start over. I'm happy right where I am at.

Our new house sits on two acres. It once held the best garden in town and we have an aerial shot to prove it. We have city water and a well that was dug just to water the garden. I intend on getting down and dirty next spring. I'll plant a kitchen garden for sure, to get my veggies, but I will also be growing some more colorful things. I plan to plant sunflowers along my property line to make a natural barrier. I will also put in a pumpkin patch. Sitting on my back porch all you should be able to see is yellow and orange. I'm hoping it will look as trippy as it sounds. If the pumpkins grow well I'll try to sell them around the holidays and earn a little extra dough.

This fall is extra special since we finally have completed our family with Sugarbaby, the Monster is finally in Kindergarten, and we finally have a place of our own. I hope next fall is just as wonderful and I can't wait to see those pumpkins.

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