Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Eye of the Tiger

I'm a new momma for the third time. It's inevitable that you forget all those funny little baby things babies do. If you didn't forget though, you'd be bored really quickly with each subsequent child you had. Kidding...kidding. I love them all equally. But my brand new precious daughter ( I still love saying that, its so new after years of sons) is fierce. She is all business let me tell you! Getting a smile out of this girl is like trying to get an extra fiver from my husband before hitting up the supermarket. Who am I kidding, supermarket...I crack myself up. I almost forgot where I lived for a second.

Back to Miss S. The most adorable thing I've noticed so far besides her fat rolls, and full head of auburn hair is the resemblance she has to a tiger stalking its prey. Except Sugarbaby's prey is boobie. You can tell when she's on the hunt. As could any woman who has ever fed a hungry infant, bottle or breast, but I think breastfed babies are a little more frantic about it. But right as she is about to get a good latch, her eyes are so primeval. She's downright mean looking. The look is so fierce it cracks me up that a 6 week old can have such a range of facial expressions.

I just hope this is one of those things I can hang on too along with the sweetness of her breath, the warmth of her soft skin, and the knowledge that she is the last one so I had better savor it all.

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