Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buh Bye for Now

I'm taking a break. It's sort of self-imposed, sort of not. Here are the reasons I've come up with for going internet free for a few months. In no particular order mind you.

  • Money. Evil evil money. We need more of it. We need to save it. We currently live beyond our budget. Unnecessary entertainment is being cut off.
  • It's about to be Summer yo! I don't need to spend these beautiful months cooped up on the 'puter, that's what Winter is for.
  • I'm this close to having 3 kids. Count em, 3. I don't have time to blog, read blogs, peruse MySpace, or StumbleUpon anything.
  • I will finally be rid of evil Medievia. The bane of my existence and the only strain on my marriage, besides too many kids.
  • More family together time. What with the hubby off Medievia, and me off my blog addiction surely we can play with the chilns more, right?
  • I don't own a laptop and even if I did you can't get WIFI at the river in Shady, which is where I plan to be for the next 3 months.
  • And lastly, I figure an internet free home is a clean home. We shall see.

So there you go. I'm going on hiatus. See ya around fools.

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  1. omg me n mom were reading your blog n we laughed so hard I think my kidneys are bleeding. But your great seriously! love ya ash!<3, sana


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