Saturday, April 12, 2008

18 Days

Sorry sorry sorry. I've been a bit lazy with the posting lately.

You know we're now officially down to 18 days and I'm sort of freaking out. Internally though. I'm keeping it all bottled up in hopes that I don't project this anxiety onto the Hubby (who lord knows has enough of his own), the Cashman (who is about to get a swift kick of reality), or the Monster. Actually the Monster is the most excited and will probably handle the new addition better than any of us. He's kind of grown up like that. I was hoping he could handle the middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. I even asked and he informed me that he doesn't have boobies so I would have to feed her, but if I taught him how to change a diaper he would gladly do it for his baby sister. How sweet. We'll see how long that lasts.

My spring cleaning went great. The house looked rockin. I mean spotless. For about 2 days. Now...well it's just disgusting again. I'll try to remedy that sometime in the next, what was it again, 18 days?

I've got one more baby shower coming up this next weekend. I'm really excited because its my girls throwing it and we know my girls know how to party. In fact it's scheduled for 6pm on a Saturday night, BYOB! Everyone keeps thinking I'll be upset being around all these drunk hoochies, but it's really pretty entertaining to watch everyone else make a fool of themselves. I wanted to have a baby shower that you would actually want to come to and if good food and alcohol don't make you want to attend well you're probably not a buddy of mine anyways. And maybe the promise of getting inebriated will garner me cooler baby loot!
So thanks in advance to Em and AP, I know its gonna be hella fun and the most unbaby shower, baby shower we'll have ever been too.

So, only 18 more days right?

Alright, I'm getting offline. I must accomplish something today with only one child at home who is currently napping. If you see me online, yell at me. Actually if you see me on anytime in the next 18 days, curse me hardcore. That means my next post shouldn't be until after May 1st and should contain baby pictures that I will find adorable and you will think look like every other shriveled newborn pic you've seen your whole life.

Okay, back to incubating. 18 days. Seriously. Only 18.

I think I'm losing it.

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