Friday, April 18, 2008

13 Days

I know I am starting to sound a little repetitive, but seriously folks, only 13 more days. As in 13! As in 13 is a little bitty number. I'm ready, she's ready. Let's get this show on the road.

In other family related news. The Monster's soccer season is almost over. We've got three more games, praying we don't get rained out, but oh well, there is always fall ball. And fall season is surely much more pleasant than spring what with all the torrential downpours and tornadoes our state has been hit with.

Oh, and that unbaby baby shower is tomorrow. I can't wait to see all my girls getting silly and acting a fool. Sometimes it's nice to have a valid excuse not to get drunk.

And to my readers (which there is probably only like 2 of you and I sure wish you would comment) do me a favor. It's a big one. Send up a little prayer that the baby decides to stay in for the next 13 days, cause it sure feels like she wants to make her grand entrance early and an emergency c-section is not on my agenda.


  1. ok ok i am here...stella stay put!!!!!! i can not wait to see her pretty little face.

  2. Good luck over the next 13 days! The 3D ultrasound is pretty cool looking I. didn't get one of those which is good cause my hubby has a big nose and that would have freaked me out thinking my little one was gonna have one to! lol Stay put Stella!!


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