Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shower Sunday

Now I realize that I couldn't make every Sunday, Shower Sunday. It's not like someone is going to throw me a baby shower every week. Granted that would rock, but its probably not feasible. Plus it would just get kind of weird in a Groundhog Day sort of way. So this will most likely be the only Shower Sunday post of its kind. Maybe for next week I could post pics of me in shower. Naked preggie pics anyone?

For this Shower Sunday I wanted to share with you a few images from the amazing baby shower some of my oldest and dearest friends threw for me in the tiny town I spent half my adolescence in. Jesse, Adrienne, and Cherie planned it and managed to get Lindsay to come from Florida, Paula from Sallisaw, and Shanna from DeQueen (okay that wasn't much of a stretch). The girls were my absolute best buds when I was a little one and I had the most fabulous time. The food, the atmosphere, the gifts! Oh my god...the gifts!

Not to sound totally shallow...oh what the hell I'll just go ahead and sound shallow. I've had a few baby showers in my time. Gotten more than my fair share of baby gifts. But these gifts....whoa buddy. These ladies went all out and every single one of them has excellent taste. I got super chic Dwell goodies from Target, a diaper bag that couldn't have fit me any better had I myself picked it out, organic baby care stuff! I could go on and on and on, but I'll just try and give you the highlights.

Look at this luxuriously soft Dwell baby blanket. Won't the baby look gorgeous wrapped up in it?

Well I would give you the highlights if I could find half this stuff online. But no bother. Just use your imagination and conjure up images of pink and brown sophisticated baby goodies. This girl is a lucky little fetus indeed.
And now to introduce you to the gorgeous gals who made it happen.

Here is me with my gracious and talented hostesses. Adrienne, Jesse, and Cherie. Who knew there were models hiding out in South Arkansas? And check out Miss Jesse...pretty banging for a chick with a 5 month old. Oh yeah...I'm the pregnant one in case you couldn't tell.

And here is a group pic of all us girls. I wish I had one just like it to put up from 5th grade but we weren't that organized as 10 year olds.
For the record...I will not let another five to ten years pass by without getting together with all of ya'll again. I'm thinking later this year...baby shower for Paula anyone?

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