Thursday, March 20, 2008


My husband asked me to email him a letter saved to our desktop so he could print it at work. (I'm too lazy and broke to buy ink for our home printer)

So I did. But I couldn't help snooping.

It was a letter to his brother who is in basic training. Real straightforward, hey how ya doing, kids are crazy, work sucks, keep your head up, don't shoot yourself in the foot kind of stuff.

But at the end where you would normally put Love, or Yours Truly, Sincerely, or maybe even Later Dog, he put something entirely different.

Later Later Mater Alligator Later Gator Later,
Insert the Hubby's real name here

I nearly peed myself laughing. This is the Cashman's standard goodbye phrase. The Hubby is such a dad and I love it.


  1. Ashley, I have caught you in "the closet". I always like your comments there. So I decided to check out your blog. I love that closing on your husbands letter. How cool. And what a great way to say I love you without saying I love you.

  2. Stuck, thats crazy.Ashley is good writer

  3. Ashley, in the closet is great. Has hubby washed the dog lately?

  4. Wow I think my comment was misunderstood. I like both Ashley's. They both are funny and write very well. Sorry if anyone was offended, really. I have been checking Sugar Britches every day wishing for more.

  5. Too many Anonymous here to reply too. What's up people...get an identity already!

    Stuck...I agree Ashley rocks. Me and her both.

    No dog washing lately. But once the Chore Whore okayed it I've moved on to bigger and better things. Now the car gets cleaned, the kids get cleaned, chinese food magically appears when I ask for it. Life is good when deals are struck.


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